How it Works

The Farm to Go program lasts 15 weeks and goes from June 22nd – September 28th. Produce will be delivered to host sites every Wednesday.
We will always try to include the following in each box: fruit, a few staples (i.e. carrots, onions, garlic, potatoes, etc.,) a leafy green, and other vegetables or herbs. Our goal is to provide a mix of familiar and loved crops as well as some new and exciting varieties. You will also receive a weekly “Fresh Sheet” that showcases recipes, storage tips, and easy preparation ideas to help make the most of your fruits and vegetables.

Choose a Price

Each bag contains $20 worth of produce, but you have the freedom to pay anywhere from $10-$20.  Choose a price that works for you!

Order Online

Order and pay for your bags online.  Select your site from the tabs above.